Animal Feed

We supply feed from Hi-Pro Feeds. We can order any of their products (click here to see all their products), please contact us if you would like something that we don’t currently have in stock.

In-Stock (click on the image for more information):

21% Poultry Starter Crumble – $17.15 / 20kg bag
Red Barn Hog Grow-Finisher – $17.40 / 20kg bag
17% All-Purpose Layer Pellets – $16.70 / 20kg bag
Classic Hen Scratch – $14.70 / 20kg bag
16% Poultry Grower/Finisher – $16.25 / 20kg bag
Rolled Oats – $15.16 / 20kg bag
22% Turkey Grower – $17.81 / 20kg bag
Kennel Blend All Stages Dog Food – $33.46 / 18kg bag
Whole Wheat – $14.44 kg / 20 kg bag
Kelp Meal – $68.07 / 22.7 kg bag
Sun-Cured Alfalfa Pellets – $17.21 / 20kg bag

Vegetable Plants

Easy Mix Trays

If you are new to gardening, or want a discount on your plants, we offer combo trays with a variety of plants that we know grow well in the North:

Cool Season Veggie Mix – $60 per tray

Each tray includes: 7 x green cabbage, 7 x broccoli, 4 x red cabbage, 3 x green kale, 4 x swiss chard, 3 x parsley, 4 x pansies, 3 x lettuce

Heat Lovers Veggie Mix – $60 per tray

Each tray includes: 5 x tomatoes, 4 x peppers, 3 x eggplant, 3 x basil, 4 x pansies

Kitchen Herbs Mix – $60 per tray

Each tray includes: strawberries, dill, sage, basil, mint, chives, rosemary, oregano, parsley, thyme


We are an official supplier of Gallagher fencing supplies. You can view their products here, and order them directly from us. They have a complete range of high quality products which can be used to set up fence for any animal including horses, dogs, cattle, chickens, rabbits, wolves, bears, goats, sheep, etc.

We specialize in ELECTRIC FENCING because in our experience it is the best option for fencing most animals in most situations (it is cheaper, easier to set up and move, and protects well from the many predators we have in the North).


Most powerful energizers, capable of powering lots of wires, or an electric net, cost $500-$1000.

Smaller energizers range from $50 – $500, but should only be used for single-wire fences or for very small animals.

Keep in mind you will also need grounding rods and connecting wire for your energizer (and a battery if it is a battery energizer), but these generally are less than $50 per energizer system.

Besides the energizer, these are the estimated costs per metre for temporary electric fencing (actual costs will vary depending on fence design):

Single Wire: $1.00-$2.00 per metre*

2-4 Wires: $3.00-$5.00 per metre*

Netting: $4.00-$6.00 per metre*

*Does not include energizer system

In Stock:

None in stock right now, but we can order anything you need.

*We have an order from Gallagher on the way and will update this page when it arrives.

Fruit Trees & Shrubs

Sour Cherry (Cupid) – $15 each

  • Grows 6 ft tall and wide
  • Black to dark red
  • Most years it is the largest of all sour cherries
  • Good balanced flavour for fresh eating
  • Consistent but moderate producer
  • Few suckers
  • Pits are large enough for old fashioned crank pitters
  • Fruit too large for standard commercial sour cherry pitters
  • Very different genetically from all other U of Sk sour cherry cultivars

Chokecherry (Midnight Schubert) – $15 each

A fast-growing tree that grows to 25’ with a 10-16’ spread. Often used ornamentally, the fruit can also be made into a delicious jam.  A non-suckering selection from Lakeshore Tree Farms in Saskatoon.  Leaves turn a deep wine red color as they age.

Haskap – $10 each


Bloom time: End of April to end of May


  • Size: 1.6 g
  • Flavor: Excellent
  • Shape: Oval and boxy
  • Productivity: High
  • Harvest: Beginning of July to mid July
  • Uses: Best for u-pick and home gardens
  • Other: Not suitable for mechanically harvesting as it has soft fruit, and bruises easily.
    • Thick, compact growth habit may have more appeal as a landscape shrub


  • Shape: Wide spreading
  • Height: 1.5-1.8m
  • Mildew resistance: Very High resistance

Compatible with:

  • Aurora
  • Honeybee
  • Berry Blue


Bloom time: End of April to end of May


  • Size: 1.9g
  • Flavor: Tarter than the other cultivars
  • Shape: Cylindrical
  • Productivity: High
  • Harvest: Beginning of July to mid July
  • Uses: Good for juicing, wine making,  and making jelly
  • Other: Fast growing, productive and starts fruiting at an early age.
    • Stays on bush longer than most other cultivars.
    • Not recommended for mechanical harvesting,as the stems remain on the fruit.


  • Shape: Upright, and tall
  • Height: 1.75-2.25m

Compatible with:

  • Aurora
  • Borealis
  • Indigo Gem (9-15)
  • Indigo Treat (9-91)
  • Indigo Yum (9-92)
  • Tundra


Bloom time: End of April to end of May


  • Size: 1.49g
  • Flavor: Sweet tangy, firm texture
  • Shape: Bullet shaped
  • Productivity: Good
  • Harvest: Late June to the beginning of July
  • Uses: Commercial Processing, fresh eating
  • Other: Does not bleed when picked


  • Shape: Straight, and vigorous
  • Height: 1.5-1.8m

Compatible with:

  • Aurora
  • Berry Smart Blue
  • Honeybee

Raspberry (Red Bounty) – $10 each

Good for backyards and market garden settings


  • Color: Red fruit
  • Flavor: Great taste
  • Yield: High yield (7,222 kg/ha), prolific producer with large berries


  • Suckering: Does sucker
  • Height: 3-6ft tall
  • Hardy: Very hardy
  • Growth Habit: Compact, takes a few years to get tall
  • Trellising: No

Saskatoon Berry (Smoky) – $10 each

*Flowers in middle of bloom season.


  • Characteristics: Deep blue round, sweet fruit with a high sugar to acid ratio up to 14mm
  • Yield: Very high yield, good producer with a consistently high pollination rate
  • Ripening: Ripens evenly
  • Uses: Good for fresh eating, processing


  • Height: 4.5m (15ft)
  • Spread: 4.5m (15ft)
  • Growth Habit: Upright and spreading
  • Suckering: High suckering
  • Other: Long lived (70+ years), crown expands indefinitely

Vegetable Seeds

Bulk Seeds (price is per seed)

Beets (Touchstone Gold)  $ 0.0256

Beans (Windsor)  $ 0.0360

Broccoli (Everest)  $ 0.0171

Carrots (Bolero)  $ 0.0027

Carrots (Bolero Pelleted)  $ 0.0033

Cucumbers (Homemade Pickles)  $ 0.0107

Kale (Winter Red Organic Certified)   $ 0.0017

Lettuce (Parris Island)   $ 0.0002

Lettuce (Super Bowl)  $ 0.0001

Lettuce (Super Gourmet Salad)  $ 0.3320 p gram

Parsnip (Lancer)   $ 0.0025

Peas (Green Arrow)  $ 0.0019

Peas (Super Sugar Snap)  $ 0.0051

Radishes (Easter Egg II)  $ 0.0031

Radishes (Minowase Summer Cross) $ 0.0157

Swiss Chard (Peppermint)  $ 0.0175

Ameranth (Red Leaf/ Een Choi)  $ 0.0045

Amaranth (Hopi Red Dye)  $ 0.0050

Asparagus (UC157-F2)  $ 0.0136

Broccoli (Natalino)   $ 0.0069

Cabbage (Charmant)  $ 0.0330

Carrots (Yellowstone Organic Certified)  $ 0.0057

Kohlrabi (Kolibri)  $ 0.0649

Leeks (Chinook Organic Certified)  $ 0.0480

Leeks (Varna)   $ 0.0070

Lettuce (Anuenue Organic Certified)   $ 0.0054

Radish (Amethyst)   $ 0.0089

Runner Beans (Celebration)  $ 0.3990

Sunflower (Short Blend)  $ 0.1305

Sweet Peas (Bijou Dwarf Blend)   $ 0.0474

Sweet Peas (Cuthbertson)    $ 0.0287

Swiss Chard (Magenta Sunset)    $ 0.0629

Tomatoes (Sungold)   $ 0.2520

Turnips (Hakurei)   $ 0.0053


Fertilizer and Soil